Wooden Queen Anne Cabriole Provincial Legs


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Wooden Queen Anne Cabriole Provincial Legs

Cabriole legs are a distinctive and elegant style of furniture legs characterised by their sinuous curves and S-shaped profile. This design, which originated in France during the early 18th century, is often associated with the Rococo and Queen Anne styles of furniture. The cabriole leg typically features a convex curve at the upper portion, flowing into a concave curve in the lower section, resembling the shape of an animal’s leg.

One of the defining features of cabriole legs is the absence of straight lines, creating a sense of fluidity and grace. These legs are commonly used in the construction of tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture, adding a touch of sophistication and decorative flair to the overall design.

Cabriole legs are versatile and can be adapted to various furniture styles, from traditional to more ornate and elaborate designs. The curvature of the legs is often complemented by intricate carvings or decorative details, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the furniture piece.

Whether in a formal dining room setting or as part of a classic writing desk, cabriole legs contribute to a sense of timeless beauty and craftsmanship. The enduring popularity of this leg style highlights its ability to seamlessly blend into both vintage and contemporary interior designs, making it a classic and enduring element in furniture craftsmanship.

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  • Solid timber (Rubberwood)


  • 100mm
  • 150mm
  • 400mm


  • Raw
  • Sanding may be required before staining


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100mm, 150mm, 400mm